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Drew McManus

Invite your friends and family to join a Giving Group on Bring Light (

You can gather together to fund specific charitable projects from pre-screeened charities. You'll be able to see the results of your donations.

Happy Holidays!

Drew McManus
Bring Light

Drew McManus

Also love the amazon suggestion. If anyone from Amazon is listening, we would love to partner to provide the service. We can handle all the IRS receipting, aggregation of donations, and grants from our donor advised fund!

Drew McManus
Bring Light

Liz Polay-Wettengel

You can also do all of your shopping through and designate what charity you would like to shop for. I REALLY like iGive for their easy e-Philanthropy. Any time of year when you shop, you can always be giving. There are hundreds of stores to choose from and if you download the iGive window, the window pops up any time you enter the online storefront of whatever store you choose so you dont have to keep going back to iGive.

I have nothing to do with iGive other than it is one of the e-Philanthropy avenues I researched to develop a strategy around. There are several other ways to easily give online while doing your everyday shopping and searching as well.

-Liz Polay-Wettengel
Internet Marketing Manager
Combined Jewish Philanthropies


Hi Steve,

It’s great to see your preference for charitable donations in lieu of yet more gifts.

In the next few weeks, in this country, alone, we will spend $100 BILLION on holiday gifts. Too much of that will be wasted on unwanted fruit cakes, tins of popcorn, pen & pencil sets, and worse.

This year could be different.

We’re promoting the new norm you describe: You don't have to buy something to show your love. Instead, you can do something meaningful in a friend's name to make the world a better place.

We helped created a nonprofit website for just that purpose. offers more than a thousand donation gifts, from $2 to $5,000, from hundreds of leading nonprofits, addressing a full range of causes, all in one convenient place. For instance, you can preserve an acre of the wilderness; fund an hour of life-saving cancer research; or even provide a child with her first book, so she can learn how to read. You can also contribute to any of half a million nonprofits.

You can create a wish list to let your friends know what you care about, and you can personalize a beautiful printed greeting card to be sent right from the site.

And because this is a nonprofit site, the full amount of your donation, less just the credit card fee, goes to the nonprofits you select. (Watch out for businesses that take a big cut of your donation!).

Just imagine the impact we can make together as this new kind of giving catches on!

Please help by telling your friends about this group and about this site. Here are some handy links:


Facebook group

Facebook app (your $1 virtual gift goes to the nonprofit you choose)

best wishes

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