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Jeffrey Keefer

I have been struggling with this as well, Beth, so am glad you started this conversation. I just got back to my office with rain outside and soup in hand, and when I logged back onto my computer, I was on the Twitter page and then saw your link and came here. Very rewarding, but not entirely as systematic as you are suggesting.

I tend to schedule with Outlook and have the pop-ups remind me when things should happen. My biggest challenge, however, is believing that some things will take less time than they really will take. Thus, my time management efforts often fail before they really begin.

I do not use the social networking sites a lot, and that may be one of the issues--I get overwhelmed with all the information and shiny objects whenever I get there that I waste time trying to figure out what to do rather than doing things.

It would be interesting to see somebody's step-by-step through a social networking site (e.g., When I go to Facebook, I give myself 30 minutes and I do this and then this and then that / I do this with Twitter, etc.) as a model for what works. After all, I know that what I do does not work.

Kylie Stone

Hello Beth! I greatly enjoyed your post, as well as the other comments that you reproduced. I found your page on a site which collected successful women who blog.

My question is: what is the strict difference, in your opinion, between putting out feelers on various communities, and down-right spamming? Have you ever had one of your comments or posts removed because somebody accused you of trying to steal users from their social networking site?

I ask this because I am a web producer with relatively little experience with the ethics of marketing and networking on already-established social networking sites.

Anything would be helpful! Keep up the good work.
Web Producer,

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