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Nick Booth

Nope - but they don't half get it.


Hey, new blog looks nice. You probably did that months ago but since I'm an RSS reader kind of guy...

Old folks use listservs -- the original social media. I think they prefer them to newfangled social media because they are much less comfortable having their discussion being public on the web vs. private in their inbox.

Beth Kanter

Eroc: I still use listservs, guess because I'm old he he. But, listservs are still being used by a lot of various nonprofits and I find them a valuable source of peer information. I find myself summarizing learnings out here on my blog!

@Nick you're right, although a few do get it.

Karl Kapp

Here is an interesting chart showing internet usage by age. I think it is pretty telling, after about age 40 it really drops off. So while some older folks are involved in social networking, I think that is the exception not the rule. Check out the chart...What People Are Doing by BusinessWeek

mildred garfield

Hi Beth

Thanks for the mention.

It was great seeing you at Podcamp!

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