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Alan Levine

I cannot speak for Amy's method, but maybe this is a test of her ego surfing ;-)

Perhaps "Feed Reading 1.0" was looking at each RSS feed, and scanning each source, so I get to see Beth wrote this, and Beth wrote then, and the day before Beth blogged this...

So I might suggest "Feed Reading 2.0" is using your reader tools to aggregate feeds from multiple sources into logical groups, so you can go more like "Beth said this about the environment, and Bob Blogged this about sustainability, and Jose blogged these photos of the oil spill..."

The screenshot of her Newsfire reader suggests that she is able to group her feeds into topical folders.

This is similar to how I graze the feedlot, except I am using Google Reader (GR). What I like is that GR does not do folders, but to assign your own tags to RSS feeds, so the same feed can belong to multiple tags.

I have fewer sets, things like "Educational Technology", "Techie", "Big Picture", "Dogs Only" (that's my personal non public stuff), "NMC" (work stuff, keeping an eye on the wiki changes). So rather than stepping through feeds source by source, I know view them at the group level, so I see a stream of posts form multiple sources.

Again, where Google Reader added value was for my recent trip to Australia, I started watching some Australian blogs (tagged "Aussie") and some of these feeds also exist in my "Ed Tech" group as well. I scan a lot more by headlines, or step through with key board shortcuts. If I feel done, I can do a Shift A to mark them all as read.

To me, reading as a group, form sources I pick and arrange, feels more efficient than poking through one source at a time. The mixture feels exciting.

Ravi G.

While this is quite elementary, there is a useful video of how Scoble reads a million feeds a day.

(the video is terribly shaky, but the content is worthwhile)

Amy Gahran

Aha! Saw this as soon as I got online this morning, Beth :-)

I need to get on a plane in a few hours, so don't have time to answer your excellent questions now, but rest assured they'll be the subject of some posts from me later

- Amy

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