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Thanks, Beth. This is very very helpful, and provides a wonderful extension and resource for two different conversations I had today.

steve garfield

Thanks Beth. Is Open Social a possible solution to the constant add me as a friend loop I'm in on each new social network that I join?

Nancy E. Schwartz

Hi Beth, Thanks for pulling together these critical points to process on how nonprofits can/should utilize social networks, even as the network concept itself gets increasingly complex.

I agree completely with your advice on how nonprofits should (and that's a must, not an option) tiptoe into social networks. I can't tell you how often nonprofit marketers come to me asking how to approach social networks when they already suffer from a lack of resources -- both human and financial.

Experimentation -- small, focused and dedicated -- is the way to start.

Tompkins Spann

Great write up Beth!

The OpenSocial launch *is* truly exciting. I believe that in a short span of time we may all look back on this event as the tipping point for social media to finally become part of every marketer's strategy.

In a way, one might compare this event to the adoption of SMTP as the de facto email standard. SMTP spawned email marketing as a viable biz-to-consumer/org-to-constituent practice where previously the task of successfully emailing individuals across the variety of ISP's was not feasible.

Prior to OpenSocial if a nonprofit wanted to factor social networks into their campaign strategy they were likely daunted by the variability (and closed access) with the different platforms (e.g. MySpace, Facebook, Orkut). Now with OpenSocial marketers can design an online campaign with social networking channels and fret less about the differences between platforms and focus on the opportunities.

This opens the floodgates for leveraging the amazing viral potential of social networks for advocacy, fundraising and event registrations for thousands of nonprofit organizations.

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