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Great material Beth. Wanted to let you know that AFP has a Youth and Philanthropy News Blog
Also AFP has a variety of resources on its main website
We are currently undergoing some website construction in this area so stay tuned for more.


I've been doing this every morning! Its a fun and interactive site that gets us all thinking... not just about vocabulary :)


Oops! I meant the Free Rice project - I'd encourage everyone to check it out - very fun!

Nancy E. Schwartz

Beth, thanks so much for compiling these very useful models and experiences. This is the challenge I face -- our daughter Charlotte is 4 1/2 and we've built giving into her life since the get go. For example, part of our weekly Shabbat dinner is tzedakah (giving money -- from her piggy bank and ours -- to others). Then we started a toy drive to collect gifts for kids who have none. And her pre-K class traveled to a local grocery store, with contributed money, to buy Thanksgiving food for local families who were too stretched to do so.

So she has a lot of giving in her life, but I don't think she really understands what's going on. When asked at the time of, she parrots back what we (or teachers) have told her, but an hour later, she says she doesn't know. Of course, she doesn't forget a detail on her her waning inventory of Halloween candy.

I'm wondering if you or your readers have any suggestions about how to make the practice of giving truly meaningful for a young 'un?


Lisa @ Corporate Babysitter

This is a great post. We've been doing a variation on the piggy bank -- using plastic butter containers. Each week my daughter's allowance is split among spending, college, and charity. She takes her charity giving very seriously. I've often made suggestions but let her decide. She saved more than $100 over the many months and ended up buying supplies for Hearing and Service Dogs of Minnesota. I was so proud of her!

Anyway, just started reading your blog as I am in the process of establishing of 501c3. Thanks again for the post.

Katya Andresen

I love the free rice site - it's very sticky (pun intended). Thanks for highlighting it. FYI we're trying to get even more tangible with kids (and adults) at Network for Good with our new Good Cards. You can send someone a stored value card that can be redeemed for any charity.

Living By Learning

Great list! As a parent and scout leader, I'm always looking for ways to encourage kids to help make the world a better place. Thank you.

J. Erik Potter

Hi Beth. You've got a plethora of great stuff here. I've already had to check out 4-5 links from this one.

We're just getting going on the whole giving thing with our two boys (3 years and 1-1/2 years).

I worked at an at-risk youth organization for a little over a year. It was an eye and world-view opening experience for me. The overwhelming thing I was hit with was how lucky and blessed my childhood was. I want to instill that in my children. Not everyone has the "luxuries" we have. A vast majority of the world doesn't even have the "necessities" we have.

I would highly recommend your readers get involved with any kind of at-risk or homeless youth project - mentoring, toy/book drive, food drive, soup kitchen, whatever. See first hand that life isn't easy for everyone. Once your kids are old enough, bring them along. Show them how they can help by being a hero for them to emulate.


My daughter went last summer on a housebuilding trip to Cambodia and had a marvelous time. They are putting together a group for this coming summer. Check out: My sister also ran a fundraiser at her school and sent the proceeds to the Cambodian nonprofit. The school kids were so happy to buy wells and piglets!

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