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Marianne Richmond

That is so wonderful....could make such a difference in the lives of the elderly who have physical limitations.

Justin Kownacki

Very cool. I'm seeing more and more folks beyond retirement age finding a comfort zone on the internet. The easier it is to interface with the web -- and, therefore, each other -- the smaller the generational gap will be in the coming years.

I have a hard time imagining that I'd be as "out of touch" when I'm in my 80s as my grandparents were at that age. I think the web-enabled populace will be much better equipped to evolve WITH technology, not in spite of it.

Connie Reece

My mom is 83 and has been on Facebook for several months -- she's very smart, but not at all into tech or geek stuff. But once we set her up on e-mail about 10 years ago, she fell in love with her computer. I've been wondering if she might be the oldest person on Facebook, but your dad has her beat. Now I've helped Mom start a Tumblr blog. She gives me hope that I'll still be as mentally active and interested in the world when I'm her age.

Donna Arriaga

My grandparents are 83 and 84 and actively travel throughout the US in their stylish Winnebago -- never leaving home without the laptop. While keeping a keen eye out for WiFi serviced campgrounds, they ready themselves to check the latest news on friends' MySpace pages where the latest travel itineraries are posted.

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