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Ravi G.

Let me start by saying that I am really interested in finding out how other non-profits are succeeding in social networking.

But the story was really unsettling seeing that Microsoft now has a $240 million stake in Facebook. $50k for just one competing organizations, when collectively they are driving thousands of new users to Facebook?

Who is giving who charity?


Ravi's got a point -- there are a lot of corporate-relations issues a nonprofit should look at before entering a marketing partnership like this.

But look past that for a moment and this is an awesome story about successful social-web">">social-web activism. Definitely goes straight into my anecdotal-evidence file.

Beth Kanter

Point well taken Ravi, Ian has a good suggestion. However, what an awesome job! And its $50,000K to do a lot of great work for animals.

Carie Lewis

I also say point well taken. But we're not really looking at it from a corporate relations perspective, or at least I'm not. That's up to our Business Development office. They were the ones that negotiated the partnership, and the $50k contest was a total extra for us. We're looking at it from the perspective of engaging potential supporters that we might have never reached another way. I'm okay with bringing people over to Facebook; that's just another way I can keep communicating with them. The story behind how hundreds of people mobilized using social networks in just a little over an hour to help us win a donation we never would have expected is what this story means to me.


OR How non-profits can abuse social media. HSUS is an animal rights organization. It has NOTHING to do with animal welfare. They don't run shelters. They pass laws that make it more expensive and difficult to own animals. But please - don't take my word for it. Do your own research. Make your own informed and educated decisions. Some websites to check out: Some books to read - "Animal Rights, the Hijacking of the Humane Movement" by Rod and Patti Strand; "Animal Rights, The Inhumane Crusade" by Daniel T. Oliver; "Animal Scam, The Beastly Abuse of Human Rights" by Kathleen Marquardt.
Look at both sides and then make your own choices. We still have the freedom to do that in this country.

Animal Welfare or Animal Rights?
Here are some of the differences:

As animal welfare advocates. . .

• We seek to improve the treatment and well-being of animals.

• We support the humane treatment of animals that ensures comfort and freedom from unnecessary pain and suffering.

• We believe we have the right to "own" animals -- they are our property.

• We believe animal owners should provide loving care for the lifetime of their animals.

As animal rights activists. . .

• They seek to end the use and ownership of animals, including the keeping of pets.

• They believe that any use of an animal is exploitation so, not only must we stop using animals for food and clothing, but pet ownership must be outlawed as well.

• They want to obtain legal rights for animals as they believe that animals and humans are equal.

• They use false and unsubstantiated allegations of animal abuse to raise funds, attract media attention and bring supporters into the movement. (The Inhumane Crusade, Daniel T. Oliver)

Carie Lewis

First of all, this post... rather, this blog... is about ways that nonprofits use social networking. It's NOT about picking apart certain organizations in particular. But since you decided to go there, I will too.

The HSUS is not against the ownership of pets and never has been. You're right... we don't run any shelters... but to say we don't do anything for them or for companion animals is a complete misrepresentation. The Center for Consumer Freedom posts fabrications about us and our stance on issues in order to further their own agenda.

As with any story, there are always two sides:

Beth Kanter

A disclaimer. I love animals and I support HSUS's work. So, I can't be objective.

@etbmfa I believe that everyone has their right to an opinion, but as Carie mentions this blog is about how nonprofits can use social media to realize their missions.

@carie Thank you for officially setting the record straight on your organization's good work.

I would prefer not to get into an extended debate about HSUS on this blog as that it not the focus. However, any questions or thoughts about best practices for using social media to support causes - I'm glad to provide a space for a respectful and engaging discussion!

Allan Benamer

I wanted to click on Carie's last link but it's broken. Can someone make a urltea link for us if they know the real URL?

Carie Lewis


The full URL keeps getting cut off for some reason, but you can reach the story here:

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