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Hi Beth. This is a great list and I'm pleased to see you found the link I posted. Just wanted to mention though, my blog is Red Shoe Ramblings, not Red Show Ramblings. :-)

Beth Kanter

Fixed it! Thanks for the help spotting typos .. I'm bad at that

Roger Carr

Thank you for providing this list of organizations. I "Stumbled" it to help get more people aware of ways they can help. Great post!

Shaping Youth

Beth, this is SUCH a great post, and I have to share that it became a big part of our media mix for Thanksgiving...

My middle-schooler earned 2000 grains of rice for WFP and probably lots of new words, yet also found a way to 'cheat' by tabbing an online dictionary at the same time as the difficulty increased, justified by her desire to 'do good things.'

This opens a new blogger conundrum on the ethical front---How would you handle such a dilemma? Curious.

p.s. She also LOVED your screenshot/Creative Commons show & tell from your second grader, so I need to blog that one for sure! Very inspiring. I think I need to interview you on all the attribution angles and 'what ifs' as I'm sure you could clarify some instances that aren't spelled out on the CC site.

Living By Learning

Great post! I recently wrote a post titled "Learning About Hunger" in which I mention several resources for teaching kids about hunger. I wish I had seen this article first because you list a few that I didn't know about. Thanks!

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