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Luis Suarez

Hi Beth! Thanks a lot for linking back to my blog post helping spread the word around on David's great piece of work. It's amazing this thing called blogosphere, eh? In no time we got a bunch of links coming from all over the place on something that can have an immediate impact in our personal lives for the better and the fact that it is so easy to make that happen makes it incredibly powerful as well.

That, to me, is the whole power behind social software, when it goes beyond your immediate work environment and touches you and those around you in order to make your life better. It cannot get better than this. Thus appreciated the link love and spreading the word around!

Oh, and in your note on making use of Twitter outside of the UK and the US, I would love to read some more on your thoughts, but so far I am not too bother about it. What's perhaps a Euro or two in sending a message to just tell your folks you are doing fine. That, to me, is priceless :-)

W David Stephenson

Thanks, Beth (and Luis) for the nice comments. It's important to remember that the Web 2.0 technologies are only part of their effectiveness in disasters: the other half is that, by capitalizing on existing social networks, they increase the chance of "emergent behavior," in which groups working collaboratively are able to produce a higher level of thought and action than could have been predicted from the abilities of the individual members: the whole really is greater than the sum of its parts!
-- David Stephenson


Thanks to David for explaining the Red Cross Twitter channels! While they've yet to be used in a time of emergency, we're hoping they will prove to be a valuable communication tool.

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