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dina mehta

Hi Beth .. great point! I'd love to be able to use Twitter off my mobile phone, but I fear each message will cost me international text rates - and so I don't. It would be a powerful tool am certain, if their servers were based in difft regions. In Asia, texting is pretty common - so that wouldn't be much of a worry.

Jayne Cravens

I know it's incredibly uncool to say this, but I really don't care to use Twitter. I don't want to track *anything* via my cell phone. I am so overwhelmed by all the online groups, RSS feeds, email subscriptions, OSN memberships and incoming email in my life. I can't imagine that I'm not already connecting to *more* than I should be. And most nonprofits I talk to feel the same way -- they are on information overload, and what they need are more resources to handle all the people that want to connect with them via all the many, many, many ways people are already doing so.

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