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Kelley-Sue LeBlanc


I am a reader of your blog, a fairly new one. That is how I found out about your fundraising efforts. I was moved to donate for a couple of reasons, first and foremost providing and encouraging opportunities for education is a hot spot for me. I am a woman in technology and business owner, pursuit and provision of education are among my core values. I feel strongly about using my powers for good and if, in this case, my power was to donate, then I needed to that for myself.

Secondly, I have worked in technology and in support of non-profits for almost ten years. I am currently running my own Design and New Media consultancy, Aleuromedia, as well as working with a start up software company, c3Net. C3net has recently brought to a market a great new low cost option for donor management software. My work with them has been to bring my technical knowledge and domain experience to the business. What I have been thinking and speaking about lately and your campaign strategy are very serendipitous. I immediately felt connected.

I have been talking to non-profits about using social networking tools to help manage their constituent relationships, fundraising and event management for some time now. I have encouraged several to work with Facebook, in part due to the availability of innovative applications like Inner Circle. This Facebook application lets an organization or an individual group their friends and supporters, and in one glace see what those in a given circle are all doing, like an rss per person. This is a huge value and fantastic time saver, and allows an organization to stay in touch and on the minds with their constituency. It enables the organization to keep their fingers on the pulse of the movers and shakers in their world.

I think we share a belief in that there are tremendous opportunities to do great things with New Media and Social Networking, opportunities to bring inspired individuals together, opportunities to increase your fundraising influence, opportunities to make real connections and find genuine solutions. Our connecting and finding each other is one amazing example.

I will mention your efforts on my blog, best of luck in reaching and exceeding your goals! Lets connect on Facebook so I can continue to support you when I can.

Kelley-sue LeBlanc -

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