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Shaping Youth

Hi Beth, nice meeting you finally!

I like your notion of a blog 'brain dump' spot vs. 'time sink' but Shaping Youth definitely morphed differently into more of a publication style...So you've inspired me to soon do an adjunct/abbreviated version akin to cliff notes, like maybe a "Tumblr blog" or short form variation, as these links you're providing are very helpful, so thanks!

With that in mind, here are a few more, re: The 'SmartSilvers' alliance via the BoomerTech Stanford/MIT evening series. (I'm hoping you & Liz P. might have a 'master list' for the attendees of your session to get this to Susan who was interested in tech 'lifeware' for aging populations life facilitation, etc.?)

I left a note on Liz Henry's liveblog too...but here are the basic links:

Thanks for your insights, wish we had more time to chat, but know we'll no doubt cross paths in this arena again...

I'm determined to find a way to get 'underwriting' for Shaping Youth to remain indie/not beholden and open source/affordable for universal access (to programs, site, etc. as it grows) so when you hear of an ethical 'fit' that might be appropo, do keep us in mind, (or any 'best practices' in terms of partnership agreements w/other orgs for a win-win)

Meanwhile, take care, thanks for making the trek out here, and we'll be virtually in touch, I'm sure!

Michele Martin

I'm jealous, Beth--not only an unconference, but a bunch of great geeky women eating cupcakes besides! Sounds like a great experience!

Zena Weist


Thanks for posting on She's Geeky. I wanted to attend but couldn't make it this year. You have motivated me to get there next go round though.


oooh... awesome! so jealous.... i would love to be in the unconference with tons of superb geeky women!!! should join next year!!

stephanie x

hello Beth
she's geeky vid is up:


Beth, it was great to meet you and see you in many of the same sessions! xx, -H

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