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Kelley-Sue LeBlanc

Excellent! Thanks so much for sharing, I'm going to forward the link to several.

I worry that we need to break it down a bit still for easier consumption. The majority of fundraisers are not yet comfortable using terms like podcast, blog (or vlog), social network, and new media, it is simply not part of their vernacular, but the activities around relationship building, donor cultivation, and mission achievement are core. We need to help relate the two sets of terminology. If the CONFR conference I attended yesterday in New Hampshire is any indication, many fundraisers are interested, and excited, about these new ways to expand their campaign initiatives and relate to their constituencies, but too removed from the thread to know who to ask to get started.


Hi Beth, since I might be working with an NGO to introduce social media (web2.0 tools) to support their organisational processes, this helps me think about measuring success! We could be a guinnea pig for that matter. I need to have the first meeting still with them. But good to know this beforehand, I may introduce the idea of measuring success from the start onwards...

Kevin Gamble

This is really an excellent framework. Thank you for sharing. I'm going to suggest to our folks that we conduct a do-over of our metrics and how we are calculating the ROI. I think we've got it all wrong.

Connie Crosby

Hi Beth:

Thanks so much for your presentation and sharing your slides. There are lots of pieces to the puzzle I didn't have that you have figured out. Much appreciated!


Paolo Ferrara

Hi Beth,
thanks for sharing your presentation. I always learn something from your work.

Beth Dunn

Thanks so much for the thought-provoking presentation this morning. It's an ongoing conversation and exploration for all of us. I'll be interested to see where the conversation is in a year.

Jeremiah Owyang

This is killer, great use of slides, I wish I could hear you or see you live.

great job!

Jane Quigley

Beth - your session was one of my favorites at PodCamp. Thanks for giving your time and for such a great presentation. During my Social Media pitches to clients, tracking metrics are a primary concern to my clients.

BTW - besides Feedburner and Google Analytics, I also use a free tool called 103Bees.

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