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Rowan Manahan

Hi Beth,

Glad you liked the piece. It's pretty much a stand-alone, enlarged a little for dropping onto Slideshare. As such the (I hope) simple ideas espoused in it are easily followed by the reader.

When I am delivering this piece to an audience, it's not 128 slides long, because almost all the verbal slides are delivered over the visuals - as I've put them down here, they are a succinct version of what I say when I deliver this talk.

I hope in yours and my lifetime, we will see the end of the headline, bullet, bullet, bullet slide; but I think it is unlikely. Putting together a largely visual piece like this requires a lot of time, and since you can rarely get exactly the image you want, some ability with photo editing. As such, most people who have to do a lot of presenting on the job shy away from it. Pity.


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