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Shaping Youth

Dangit, Beth, ya beat me to it! I had an idea about interviewing Claudia L'Amoreaux who is in my NextNow thinktank collaboratory, from inside SL to talk about Global Kids, alternative learning initiatives, the TSL grid and education, how the new nonprofit commons is coming, etc.

I'm still learning my way around without bumping into trees and such, so I'll wait a tad to represent Shaping Youth until my avatar can hold a decent conversation without getting flummoxed. ;-)

Here's a body image question for the kids out there though...How come everyone has a mondo chest and ripped abs...Is it the most obvious answer, "because they can?" (e.g. Kiva screenshots above)

Maybe I'll be a dragon or a cat or a drow or somethin' next, then I wouldn't have to worry about self-portrayal as 'false advertising.' heehe ;-)

Great piece. Thanks for sharing it, best, Amy


Thanks for the blog Beth. Its so cool to see my avatar online! (I'm julles)

And yes Amy, everyone in SL does tend to have supper fit bodies. You get to make your own, so few people choose to be fat. I actually have a SMALL breast size (really, it can go ridiculously larger) and a little bit of fat. But there are many, many 'Barbies'. And my butt is quite large and I can't change it. My husband thinks it hilarious.

But I agree, the body distortion is an issue. I've had this discussion with a few people. Someone pointed out that it might be a positive thing, like school uniforms where you no longer (in theory) get judged on your clothes. But the jury is still out on this one...

Hope to see you in second life!

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