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Javier SOLA

I am afraid that we would not be able to use in the OLPC the software that KhmerOS is using in schools... for one, SuSE Linux would not fit in the memory, and then the applications would not be usable in such a small screen (you would not see the characters in the menus). In order to use computers to improve the quality of education, it is necessary to understand the requirements for the schools, and they are quite different from the ones of the OLPC, which was designed to solve a problem that does not really exist, instead of solving a real problem that countries like Cambodia have. Our choice are low-power-consumption desktops with regular size screens... and of course, Khmer language Free and Open Source Software. We would not know what to do with OLPCs if they gave them to us.


And OLPC News has continuous coverage of the One Laptop Per Child program, including analysis of what G1G1 really means to the XO laptop program.

phil shapiro

I'm a supporter of the OLPC laptop, but I'm equally intrigued by the Asus Eee PC laptop, a low-cost Linux laptop coming to market.

These laptops serve two different constituents. The OLPC laptop was designed for children. The Asus Eee PC could potentially be used by a child, but it was mostly designed to be used by adults.

The OLPC laptop has many innovations that go far beyond the Eee PC laptop -- the monochrome screen that can be read in the sun, the pull string charger that can recharge the laptop without accessing AC current, etc.

I've been doing some blogging about the Eee PC laptop on at

Best I can tell these laptops are complementary. I see room for both of them in this world.

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