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Matt Dickman

Beth -- Thank you for the link, it's great to meet you! I work with a couple of non-profit ventures outside of work and this is usually a position where somebody kind of falls into it. They know a bit more tech and are dubbed the tech person.

One way that I've seen success happen is in recruiting young professionals to engage in non-profits as "junior board members". Then np's can leverage those people's skillsets which are becoming inherently digital.

One group I work with, and helped to found, is a np called Shoes and Clothes for Kids ( here in Cleveland. Our young professional model works with the board of directors and injects new marketing and tech thinking into the whole organization.

Shava Nerad

How apt! I am just in the next week or so filing an LLC to do this in the for-profit venue (you know me, I've jumped the fence between tech and development and marketing several times in the last few decades).

In our case, we're chasing the convergence of social media, virtual worlds, and gaming communities -- something that nonprofit geeks probably actually have a better notion of, these days.

My friend Dan Carol proposes we call this area of geekdom "ava-media."

But yes, I think of it a lot like circuit riding. I think a lot of "best practices" stuff needs to go both ways across the nonprofit/for-profit fences...



This is my goal with Nonprofit Technology Blog -to help more nonprofits to think about and use new technology/marketing tools to achieve their missions and operational goals. I'm fascinated by the intersection of marketing and technology. And fancy myself a decent bridge between the technical and the strategic, which it seems is a good skill to have. In fact, having more tech/marketing bridge builders may be just what is needed to help more nonprofits to both use these tools (blogs, social networking sites, news feeds) and embrace a new marketing mindset. anyway... I shall opine more fully on my new blog! thanks, Beth for your great guidance on all things social media!

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