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Mr. Zonbu

Hi Beth,

I bought my unit through the normal retail channels, but I am blogged about it at length.

I share your interest in low cost/low power computing for the developing world, so I wanted to see if this thing could actually pull off all the claims.

So far it has met most of them but there have been some disappointments and frustrations too.

My biggest observation is that you really need reliable and fast broadband on the back end to get the most out of the box. I know that is challenging when we're working over seas.

Check out my blog for more detail

-Mr. Zonbu

Taran Rampersad

It's all about cooling, avoiding dust and trying to keep humidity as low as possible around the PC.

Other than that, it should live - but make sure you can get parts locally anyway. That's the main problem with taking computers anywhere.

Oh. One 'r'. :-)


Hi Beth,

I plan to acquire a Zonbu PC soon for the purpose of my own blog, being very interested in innovative, low power, eco-friendly systems myself.

The Zonbu PC works by using an online subscription service and will require a decent broadband connection to allow you upload your files to the Zonbu server. Having only a 4GB compact flash module means that there is limited room to store stuff locally. Most of your stuff will get automatically backed up on the server, which why, as Mr Zonbu correctly pointed out, you will need a good internet connection.

This is good news though. It means that whatever happens to your Zonbu - if breaks or gets stolen - then your data will still be secure. Meaning your photos or videos are super safe.

The good news, however, is that the Zonbu is small and light and perhaps ideal as a traveling desktop PC. As long as you have that internet connection, a decent broadband/ADSL one, it should work well.

I don't imagine humidity, dust or high temperatures would pose any threat as the Zonbu contains no moving parts i.e. no fans or hard drive. It's usually these components that suffer in dusty environments.

I may include your Cambodian Zonbu adventure in my blog at

Interesting to see how you get on.

Good luck Beth.

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