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Rebecca Krause-Hardie

Nice slide Beth! I must do something about getting you on those lists!

Amy Gahran

Awww, thanks Beth. You rock!

- Amy Gahran

Stephen Downes

> What about rankings that not automated, but peer recommended?

Still meaningless.

The presumption is that there can be a single list of the 'best' blogs. It is this presumption that is false.

It's like the size of your clothing. You may wear size 2, size 4, whatever. And we could tally the sizes worn by everybody (or even the sizes they want to wear, or the sizes they thing are best, or whatever), and come up with a list: sizes 2,3,1,4...

What meaning does such a list have? Would you start wearing size 2 because it is the 'best' size? Would you begin recommending 2 to your friends? Would you feel you are too small if you're size 1, too large if size 3?

There is probably an ideal size for you; it will be a function of your height and bone mass and activity levels and so on. These are unique for each individual.

Same with blogs. What works for you might not work for me. My list of 'top 10' blogs will be very different from yours, very different from Technorati's, and very different even from other edubloggers'.

If I had such a list, that is. My list of the 'top ten' varies from minute to minute - depending on what I'm up to now.

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