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Phil Gerbyshak

This is a great presentation that reminds us all about the power of people, and seeing it through someone else's eyes. Very effective, and a lot to think about for those who wish to tell better stories. Thanks for sharing it!

The Shed

Hi Beth,

Thanks for picking up on my slides.

I just wanted to pick up on your question, "Is this the generational divide that play out in workplaces over the next 15-20 years?"

In my quest to push all things E2 into my organisation I would have to say it's not as much a generational divide as you might think. I've talked to all ages about this stuff and you tend to see 3 trends, 1) people who just don't get it, 2) people who have fun with Web2.0 stuff but can't make the connection to E2, and 3) people who can't see the point of Web2.0 but can see how E2 will bring added value to an organisation. All age ranges are split across these groups.

There's also a fourth group who are quite rare who get it both inside and outside the organisation. I like to include myself there. :)

Peter Gulka

One of the biggest problems with Facebook groups at the moment is the inability to develop or add applications to group profiles. Once that is possible the usefullness of a group besides as a status symbol on your profile really opens up.

Ironically, I found a Facebook group being used as a petition to add Applications to groups.

John Humphries

Just plugged your slide show on my blog. Hope thats OK.

All the best,

Steve Sherlock

I have a lot in common with Charlotte's work/home experience and my own. Thanks for sharing this is well done.


Beth - Facebook is deleting organizational profiles now. Amnesty's was disabled just recently and other organizations have reported the same, enforcing facebook's rule that only individuals can create profiles. Nonprofits can create groups and causes (we have both for NTEN) but of course, as was pointed out, neither can take advantage of the applications and added functionality at this point.

Something to lobby Facebook for, and we at NTEN are in touch with them about this already.


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