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I feel kind of sheepish that I scored 100% on that quiz... As if I needed any more convincing that I'm Gen Y!

Michele Martin

I was Gen Y, too, to the chagrin of my children. Actually, in a lot of ways I know more than they do about social media, which is kind of interesting.

I do think that blogging keeps you young, but I also think that just continuing to learn keeps you young, so maybe that's the bigger thing.

Michelle Murrain

It's funny, the reason I didn't score 100% on that was that my parents (who would score a minus score on this test) would have no clue whatsoever about what to do with a text message (and they barely use their cell phones anyway) Otherwise, I'd text them. :-)

Another baby boomer with Gen Y media habits!

Len Edgerly

I'm glad to join this group of wired Boomers, and this quiz gave me a nice little ego lift, all the way to Gen Y. My goal is to stay current as best I can, so when my grandson, 1.5 yrs old, goes online I'll be able to show him the ropes, or pipes--or tubes, or whatever. :-)

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