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Beth, just to add with the green theme October 15th is being celebrated all over as an environment theme day

Ian Wilker

Hi Beth,

Greenpeace's GreenMyApple campaign website -- imo as smart and successful an advocacy2.0 effort as I've seen anywhere -- is the first thing comes to mind when you say "green geek." (How many advocacy campaigns actually get to say "mission accomplished"?)

And though they're on the whole more policy-wonk than tech-geek (same genus, different species), NRDC's new Switchboard blog "planet" is bristling with scribes who thrill to the sounds of conversation about cellulosic ethanol, the burgeoning cleantech industry, energy efficiency standards, carbon footprints (and on and on....)

Horn tootin' disclosure: Switchboard is my baby (I'm the architect of NRDC's blogging/social web initiative).


Hi Beth,
Furthermore than the "Green my Apple", Greenpeace is running a broader campaign (of which "green my apple" was only a step). They are also publishing a Guide to Greener electronics which is now on its fourth version.

Margaux O'Malley

Hi Beth,

Thanks for this post! I also wanted to add that we've been very happy with AISO, a 100% solar-powered hosting company. Their customer service is great, and we have had no problems with any of the ~10 sites we've hosted there so far.

Shaping Youth

Beth, this was such a great resource I did an entire post about it on Shaping Youth, here:
and then added about a dozen of our own eco-links to other "green" related media and content...From other types of 'green machines' (Tesla Motors) to Digital Earth's Global Symposium and some great eco-friendly kiddie sites to 'teach sustainability' from the get go.

Thanks for these links, very timely with my laptop on the fritz! Best, Amy

Jonathon D. Colman

Thanks for this great post on green computing and general green geekiness, Beth.

Long live the EcoGeeks! :)

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