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Smoking Goat

Yay for Heather! I first met her when I did a presentation on tech planning for a group of nonprofits. She was the accidental-techie-plus at an organization (prior to Aspiration) and was definitely one of the most engaged participants. It's been exciting to see Heather continue this great trajectory.

I know I've encountered other young women bloggers - notably at the Making Media Connections (Chicago) and Spin Conference presentations I did - but I didn't keep individual names or URLs. :-( I can barely keep up reading your blog! ;-)

Rosetta Thurman

Beth! Thank you for highlighting my blog in this wonderful post! I'm glad to "know" Heather virtually and look forward to meeting her in person at the NP2020 conference. I have really come to appreciate the strength of technology to connect young nonprofit leaders around the world. And your blog has been my nptech education for awhile now!

I wish I had been able to come to your session at AFP, but I hope to meet you one day as well :)

Heather Carpenter


You are so sweet. Thank you so very much for blogging about me and Rosetta. I just love sharing resources and thanks so much for linking to my new Nonprofit Leadership Blog.

Here are a couple of other young nonprofit/philanthropic leader blogs I read.

New Voices of Philanthropy--Trista Harris

Epiphanies-Rusty Stahl

Rosetta Thurman


I thought of you while doing my tagging assignment as I did come up with 8 other nonprofit BlogHers!

Emily at Upside Down Bananas
Tera at Social Citizen
Tracey at Black Gives Back
Heather at Nonprofit Leadership 601
Pam at Nonprofit Eye
Trista at New Voices of Philanthropy
Emily of Nonprofit Blog Exchange
M and M Squared at Inside Foundations

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