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jay dedman

we really appreciate the connection Beth. It's a dream of mine to one day go online and see personal video from people around the world. Having worked in developing countries, there are so manhy challenges for this to be a reality.

In Cambodia, Ill be happy to teach the students to use the cameras...and then play the videos back on the TV so they can see themselves.

John Powers

I'm such a sap. Your posts often make my eyes moist and get me off my chair to yell hurray. This post certainly did!

There are so many seeds planted I'm eager to watch grow. In particular I'm so interested to watch what happens with the kiddie cams and Cannon camera at the Roteang village school. This method of sharing information with digital media has great implications for areas with limited electricity and connections.

August is such short notice and I don't have any money anyway. So it's a matter of finding ways to raise money for your trip. Be sure to let us know how we can help when it looks like you're setting the wheels in motion to actually go.

Beth Kanter

Hi John,

Thanks for your kind note! It's partly a money thing, but also it is a week when school is out and summer camp is finished. And, of course, there are big work deadlines .. what else is new? So that's another set of challenges.

I feel a little compelled to go ... I'll probably also do a little campaign on the blog too if push full speed ahead button .. A little scary.

Here's a great video from Doug who donated the vcams

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