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Judi Sohn

I've had a similar recent "ah ha" moment about Facebook, too...and I have about 1/10th the number of Friends on it that you do.

Us older folks are supposed to be on Yahoo and LinkedIn, no? But I find I'd rather see what's happening on my Facebook page.

I think it's because Facebook doesn't *look* like it was designed for kids (hello, MySpace). And since you only interact with those folks in your social network, as in real life, it doesn't matter the target audience.

Dan York

Beth, Thanks for the post about Splashcast... it inspired me to actually install it on my Facebook account. Other friends had mentioned the SplashCast app but I'd not gotten around to it yet. I shared your initial concern about age and Facebook - while I'm not quite AARP age (very late 30's) I'm definitely outside the previous range of FB. However, like you I found that many others were experimenting with FB and so I, too, joined the mass experiment. It's definitely been interesting! (And will no doubt continue to be so.) Anyway, thanks for posting so enthusiastically about the app. - Dan

Tim Harris

At Savoy River, we have created a generational profile that will assess what generation you truly belong to based on traits and tendencies instead of by age group.

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