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Ted Rheingold

Hi Beth!

I saw this and just had to chime in. Now that and have both been live for 3 years (Dogster has been live for 3.5 years) our data shows dog people are more inclined to share their pet photos and stories then cat people. There are, however, more cats then dogs in the U.S. and thus we always thought Catster would catch up. Not sure why it hasn't. Perhaps because it more common for dogs to go out in public and meet people. Where as cats are more of a private bond? Honestly, I wish I knew ;>

Catster has about 1/3 as many new cat profiles created a day vs. Dogster.

However, I have to share that though the Dogster community is great, the Catster community is the single best community I have ever engaged with. In the 2.5 years the forums have been live there has not been one conversation that needed moderator intervention. They are single nicest, most thoughtful online group possible ;> That's not scientific data, but it sure is fascinating.

Here are some other numbers I thought I'd add

Uploaded dog photos: 1,585,069
Uploaded cat photos:

Completed Dog Profiles:
Completed Cat Profiles:

Dogs Keeping Diaries (Blogs):
Cats Keeping Diaries (Blogs):

Let me know if you make Sadie a page on Dogster. There are quite a few tribute pages.

Many woofs and meows!

Louise Brown

Why am I so interested in these moggie stats when I don't even have a pet??? Keep up the good work! (I wonder what stranger pets are lurking on networking sites??)

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