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Stephanie Ladeira

Humane Society Silicon Valley has had some great success with a new site called Bring Light. We've posted a number of different projects and have used some of the marketing suggestions in Bring Light's Charity Resource Center to help drive traffic to our projects (here's an example of one
Bring Light supplies email templates for us to send to our staff, board and volunteers, as well as a
letter for donors, and we also linked to our Bring Light projects from our home page. I also created a Giving Group,
to build a community of people who are especially interested in HSSV-related issues and causes. This has been a great way for me to have a dialog with them on the site. We've been really happy with our results so far - we're
raising money and acquiring new donors, and the Bring Light team has been wonderfully helpful and responsive.

net socializing

Net Socializing is a major way to reach people these days. web 2.0 is taking over.

Net Socializing is fun ;)


Really an inspiring post about how to create a social media campaign. Thank so much, I post about it on my blog. I think it can help other people to understand if the npo have the time and resources to create one in Italy


hi beth

I just wanted to congratulate you for this great info you have shared, which I am sure will be very helpful to me especially because I am trying to understand how to use social networking sites for online promotion of different types of products and services.

thanx again


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