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Avinash Kaushik


"It is wonderful. The thing like I loved about this screencast is that it is real, it is true UCG and has a human touch to it."


Seriously though this is great. I am sure people will learn a lot from it and be able start using the data for their websites.

Thanks for all the effort, having just started poking around with Camtasia I know how much work this is.


Jeremiah Owyang

Great job with this video, I blogged it too. Fantastic resource

Laura Quinn

This is great stuff, Beth! I love the concrete examples against real sites.... I'm blogging it now.

Laura Whitehead

Great podcast Beth, I learn't so much, even though my main organisation was part of it as a case study.
We're going to take this further as a result after seeing how others use theirs. Thanks!

Nancy Schwartz

Beth, what a fantastic tool. I'm going to share it with Getting Attention e-news and blog readers.

It's a great way to learn how to track marketing so few nonprofit marketers do.


Eric T. Peterson


Neat screencast! I was initially drawn to the title, thinking "Hmmm, I wrote a book called Web Analytics Demystified ... I wonder what this is?" but the 'cast is a great resource.

Nice work!

Eric T. Peterson
Author, Web Analytics Demystified


Great job with this article and screencast.


Great info...have posted this screencast on my website...

Keep going!!

Vijay Teach Me

Hi Beth,
hats off to you for and I totally understands the amount of time and energy you have put in this screencast presentation for google analyst.
It gave me a new prospective on analytics arena


John Leeke


I must say, after fiddling with Google Analytics for a year and not
figuring it out, your research and screen cast has immediately helped
me get some useful info out of GA. --Thank you!

I hope you will produce a follow up report and screen cast.



Thank you for the details on screencast, have not tried it though. Have used Google Analytics but found other tools like better than others to use.
Will try the screencast incase it helps.

Marilee Taussig

Wow, Beth, I am finally catching up on your blog (having been away). Is there ANYTHING you can't tame? I am sending this to four of my team members at Untours. Like one of your other commenters said, I have been messing about with Google Analytics for years and I learned more in the fifteen minutes of watching your screencast than the previous years. THANK YOU for being the amazing, patient, intelligent, persistent, curious miracle that you are.

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