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I have used Google Analytics,
somehow I liked
due to
--inclusion of my website in its top sites directory list, which is a high PR list thus worth the effort in itself

--advanced referrer displays

--realtime nature of the stats.

Google doesnt provide the above which made me shift to GoStats

Howard Owens

Well, I hadn't a clue about Analytics so I had to find out about it, didn't I, as the mighty Laura Whitehead is my boss!
Come to think of it, such detailed readout could upgrade all sorts of opinion-gathering. May even be good for democracy.

Beth Kanter

I like the fact that google analytics doesn't provide real time data - that can be a time sink. I want to be able to analyze more, collect less.

Howard, tell me more about that ...


Thanks for the overview,Beth, really useful.

Here at Greenpeace International in Amsterdam, we're especially keen on list signups. I set the thank you page on signup as a goal, and applied a 2 Euro value to each successful signup (the cost of an email buy for us if we were to buy). Monetizing even a non-income value like this gives you some excellent ways to quickly assess page performance, value of referring traffic, and the overlay view becomes rich in data about what areas of your site are driving your goals.

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