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Nick Booth

Light blogging in beth's world is, of course, hyper-productive mega-blogging for most fo the rest of us.

Enjoy changing platforms.


Hey Beth... I just made the switch a couple of months ago. I like my MacBook Pro, although I don't think it's quite the life-changing experience some people make it out to be. I've even had to reboot and "force quit" some programs. (gasp!=) But all in all, it's pretty nice, and getting better as I learn nifty little tricks. If you have any questions or get stuck trying to do something, let me know. Maybe I've figured out the same issue recently.

And Nick's right ... you've posted more than most people since the blue screen first popped up!

Beth Kanter

Thank you Nick and David for the kind words of support! I was blogging on my laptop while waiting for the desktop drives to reformat.

I have 6 more months left on my desktop before I can switch.

Roger Carr

Hi Beth,
Seeing your picture of a disk formatting sent chills up my spine (and not in a good way). Many of us have had the same bad experience at least once in the past. Get well soon...


I'm now Zen about it! I'm back up with vital essentials -- I learned about mirror/ghost of a system to save time with the reinstall. And, I'm looking at ways that my bad habits can be improved ...

Just didn't need this to happen now during my busy time.

Thanks for your good wishes


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