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These things both amuse and sadden me. I spend my professional life trying to convince people to spend as little as $250 to fund plastic surgeries for children in the global south who really need them. And by "need", I mean they can't work/attend school/eat/write, not can't fill out a hefty bra.

On the one hand, it's sad that men are donating to pay plastic surgeons to work on American women with self-esteem issues.

On the other hand, this kinda thing just inspires me to work harder. As this site shows, people are obviously willing to donate money to help make women more beautiful and improve their self-esteem. The trick is to get them to help Yesenia rather than someone on that ridiculous site.

So back to work for me!


I think it's great that market-leading sites are encouraging people to give. My only concern is that this giving is at the expense of other giving that a person would otherwise do.

We have a search engine that helps charities and augments their fundraising. gives 50% of its advertising revenue to charities that are registered with us. The neat part about this is that we are not taking away form any existing fundraising, we are helping a charities by letting their constituents do something they do anyway (search the web) to support the charity.

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