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David Brazeal

Livebloggers need to be careful not to put everything up right away. Take some time to compose the posts. (Seth Godin wrote about this recently, I think.) If a liveblogger wants to Twitter a presentation, they should go for it. But they also need to organize those "live notes" into something coherent, so people can grasp what happened without having been there.

I'm looking forward to seeing your stuff from the conference, Beth!


This is a great post, Beth. I know I am becoming increasingly interested in live blogging, especially from a research perspective. Do you know if anybody has studied this phenomena?

Beth Kanter

Jeffrey: I haven't come across anything, but that doesn't there isn't someone researching it. I've written about live blogging in a few other places

So has David Wilcox and Nancy white


The secret of good reporting is preparation. I do live events (mostly as an interviewer) but never without talking to people before hand. 20 minutes on the phone (to the right individuals) in the days before the key sessions will pay dividends. It will help you digest the story and find the phrases which encapsulate what people might learn. Those conversatons might also help the speakers focus their own contribution - enriching the conference for everyone.

So - be like a journalist: Get stuck in and talk.


Beth, thank you for the additional thoughts about this. I am just beginning the literature review work in the peer-reviewed databases, and if you come across anything or anybody researching this, please pass it on. Thank you!

Awal Eesh Singh

Well, all I want to say is that I am one of the fan of blogging and am into it these days.

Gotta read a lot of new info from you, Beth !


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