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Michele Martin

I think you need to keep doing this kind of thing so that the rest of us don't have to. :-)

Seriously, though, although I have no answers to your questions, Beth, I do want to thank you for sharing your notes page. I've been playing around with doing something similar, but you're much better at running experiments and recording your notes, questions and thought processes. From a learning standpoint, I really enjoy seeing your process and picking up pointers from how you go about doing your work. Having just spent an hour on a call with people who aren't that interested in sharing what they do, it's good to visit someone who always shares. So thanks again.

The Telos device costs $750. I wonder if there are less expensive ones?
YES, there are. The gadget I use I got from Hello Direct for somewhere around $200, if memory serves; no need for anything more complex than Audacity.

Another inexpensive phone option... offers free recording of phone conferences, and you can download the mp3. Just set up a free line, and you're just out the cost of long distance. (There may be a VOIP option as well, I'm not sure.)

However, I think I missed why you need to use the phone for your audio...? Any reason not to just hook up a mic and record using Audacity, while you're creating the screencast itself, and just drop the sound in when you edit in Camtasia?

Hrm, not sure if this is very helpful :(

Matt Mason

For recording while on the phone (such as during a webcast) I use a $50 Dynametric TLP-102, which was recommended by Webex.
It is inserted between your phone and handset, and it captures both sides of the telephone call, and plugs into your Microphone jack. Whether I'm using Camtasia or Webex Recorder, the audio just comes in through the microphone.


For recording on the phone I use a "QuickTap" ( $60.


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