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Sombit Mishra


Thank you so much for the plug!

To the entire "Beth" community (millions and growing), I would like to give an update on the GlobalGiving FilmFest. We've had close to 300 filmmakers sign up already to create videos using project leader footage - footage that captures the spirit of innovation and social change. You can turn this footage into even more compelling stories.

There are just a few days left -- deadline is May 31st for submission -- so you should get in on the action today. Your videos can have a powerful impact on the GlobalGiving community, by galvanizing support for some amazing grassroots projects around the globe. And, there are SCHOLARSHIP PRIZES for the top three video winners.

Sign up to create videos at

Once you've enrolled and created your video, follow these simple instructions to upload the videos:

1) Final videos must be submitted to YouTube for inclusion into the GlobalGiving FilmFest.

2) Please tag the videos as globalgivingfilmfest, karmatube.

3) The recommended frame size is 320x240. Please upload your video and submit it to our “GlobalGiving Filmfest: Watch, Vote, Give” group on youtube.

4) After submitting your video to YouTube, send an email (subject line: Video submission for GlobalGiving FilmFest) to with your name, email and video title.


Note that the finalists’ videos will be made public for voting during the contest period. KarmaTube will have the projects ready for viewing on June 19, 2007 at

Thanks for tuning in! Please feel free to email me with questions -

Sombit Mishra

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