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Catherine Carey

I've had Rashimi Sinha's blog in my own personal newspaper (RSS aggregator) for a several months.

Good you found her. Rashimi's an original thinker.

Thanks for pulling this material together, my work is improving as a result of joining the conversation.


Kelly Christopherson

I agree that we need to have some sort of idea whether what we are doing is, in fact, being read or seen by anyone. Sometimes it is difficult to know anyone is reading because few readers leave a comment. The blogosphere isn't necessarily about two-way connections. Sometimes people are reading "blurking" but not commenting. It's a case that some sort of idea of what is going on with your own blog is useful information. Let's face it, would Stephen continue to do what he does if there were no readers of his blog?

Beth Kanter

Thank you for thoughts ... what is "blurking'?

I imagine that the comment to lurk ratio is similar to blogs as with other social media
and that the 1-10-100 rule holds.

As to your question to Stephen Downes, I'll leave it to him to answer ...

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