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Interesting article... For me I have found that yelling at my computer sometimes can relieve my stress :)


Yelling at the computer also entertains your audience. :-)

My worst meltdown was a presentation last fall. I was doing a Web 2.0 presentation at a government facility, only to learn that they blocked EVERY site I wanted to show the audience: Digg, YouTube, Flickr, etc...

Painful! Next time I'll have a bunch of screenshots in my pocket as a backup.


Beth Kanter


Yikes, that's painful!

Snagit is a wonderful tool for screenshots that ..

My worst was back in 1993 when I was demoing the first mozilla browser and I was in a room where the phone line was 150 feet away from the computer and my phone cord was only 125 feet and after rearranging the furniture ... I couldn't get a connection because of the type of phone line or something ... That's when I started carrying around transparency overlays (before LCDs) and a recording of a modem handshake ..

Beth Kanter


Banging cha cha on the keyboard is also useful.


In an unfamiliar room in front of about 30 college kids last week my whole power point melted. Stealing an idea from NetSquared's "Pimp My Nonprofit" meetup in DC, I just turned the session into a conversation and made the kids pretend to have my job. They came up with some innovative solutions and campaigns I wouldn't have thought about!

Otherwise, I'm with Cindy and Eric. Yelling is both therapeutic and humorous.

Beth Kanter

And what do you usually yell?

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