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This is the longest and most informative post so far to me :)

Jason Jacobsohn

Hi Beth,

Thanks for including my blog post in which I discuss my company's youth mentoring program, Future Founders.

John Powers

I think that one reason your Fantasticness Award is so appropriate is you're not afraid to say that you're having to quiet inner Gollums. We're all feeling lots of pressure these days, and it's relief for someone just to say so.

This is a great presentation and it's so cool you'll make a wiki available. The problem is there's enough information for a 9 week course in it.

I think it will be good to highlight the parts of it that encourage small ways to get involved. It's pretty easy because you've put them right at the beginning of each of your steps.

I suspect some in your audience will get a sinking feeling, just feeling overwhelmed. So frequent encouragement and reminders they don't have to do it at once, rather that actual involvement makes things easier all around. And that actual involvement is fun.

Good Luck! And as always thanks for sharing your work. This is a very valuable document for people in all sorts of occupations.

Beth Kanter


Thanks for the suggestions.
I'm always concerned with overwhelming and too much information. The way I try to balance that is to create a detailed "leave behind" blog post or wiki.

The slides I've created don't include all this material or show everything for every step. This post is more like the "leave behind" for people to go back to after the session and explore on their own.


Holy smokes! This is so comprehensive!

Beth Kanter


This was my first draft, brain dump and I took the comments to heart and did some major chopping. There's still a lot more I could chop ...

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