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Nancy White

Beth, no I have not diagrammed the new rules, because I'm not sure they are rules (patterns? ) and I think the concept of rules is also challenged by our diffuse meaning of community and that very interesting space between community and network. Where things coalesce in a network, but may not come to a fully formed community stage.

If find this place of changing boundaries challenges my past knowledge and assumption about "rules" and patterns. I think it is a new territory. Lots to learn.

I do know I have seen the "you are doing it wrong" pattern, but it is not the only trigger for group formation.

We can project our past experiences, and preferences into our descriptions of the patterns we see.

That's why we CAN'T do it alone. We need the wisdom of the crowd in this one, because I don't think most of us can really see the forest for the trees on our own.

I think you are writing about something really critical here, and I wish I had some free head space to write and think about it more.

Tonight online with the TALO folks we are going to talk about network facilitation. When asked if I'd present, I said, pshaw, we don't really understand it yet. Lets just talk about it!

David Wilcox

Beth - this is making me ask: how do I explain this stuff to the sorts of communities I work with (of varying degrees of experience). Maybe writing that script, doing that diagram, would help us see how far we have got.

Beth Kanter

David and Nancy, maybe when we have some headspace we can try that collaborative diagramming tool and explore this.

Nancy, I'm gonna try to get to TALO - maybe the 8:30 session?

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