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Hi Beth,
I couldn't go to SXSW, so I'm really appreciating some of the posts from there. Although to be truthful, they mostly make me even more bummed that I'm not there swilling beer and eating BBQ.

Steve Sherlock

I'll go with the potential angle. Since I live most of my day in a corporate environment where Twitter is blocked by the firewall, I don't get to use it much at all. Hence potential... if it were to be a killer app, it would need to be able to be used anywhere freely.

Bryan Alexander

Nice post, Beth!

I still think storytelling is a real use of the thing. It might evolve through a successor tool, such as a plugin or page widget.

Wish I could be in Texas, too.

Peter Gulka

It's Gulka, not Gulpa :)

The notion of what amounts to eavesdropping on people that I am already connected with excites me. It has particularly good for Allan Benamer and I as we each often have random thoughts that play off and build on the others' random thoughts.

I use Twitter as a thought-broadcasting medium for those thoughts that I need help sorting out.

Beth Kanter

Peter, it's corrected! I told you twitter gives me add and dsylexia.

Ashley Cecil

I haven't used it, and don't plan to. But this is coming from a recent college grad that never especially like IMing, was the last of my peers to get a cell phone, hardly ever sends text messages, and still thinks the ability to screen calls with caller ID is the greatest thing since sliced bread (Geez, I can be anti-social).

I think it would just drive me up a wall, BUT clearly some people are finding that it can be purposeful. As long as I can opted out, more power to those that find it useful.

J Pody

This is cool


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