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Paige La Grone Babcock

What a fantastically informative post! I'll be sure to study up on the suggestions and implement some as makes sense for us at Mothers Acting Up.

Thank you for including us on your short list.

With joy,
Paige La Grone Babcock
National Outreach Coordinator & Community Organizer, MOTHERS ACTING UP

Heather @ DIOSA | Communications

Hi Beth,

Just wanted to says thanks for starting this conversation and for linking to the MySpace Best Practices [For Nonprofit Organizations & Higher Education].

So, yes... MySpace is an amazing Web 2.0 tool. Ironic that was bought by Fox, yes? Someone even e-mailed me that he is writing his disertation about if it is possible to inspire social change through a tool owned by Fox. I think so.... definitely!

I've been on MySpace for close to a year, and I have probably only utilized 50% of its functions. MySPace is vast and evolves daily.

I'm very exicted to learn about MySpace success stories, especially concerning fundraising. Please post them on this blog, as well as on the blog at the Nonprofit Organizations MySpace. Thanks again!


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