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Leigh Blackall

nice work Beth! huge! I can really use this with our teachers who show interest in screencasting. Thanks.

Great post Beth. I will definitely be sharing this with some of my colleagues.

Jason Z.

Beth, thanks for the fantastic post -- you just saved me about a week's worth of work.



Wow, you are much faster than me. This is a reflection on about year's worth of learning and lots of videos to learn on


Thanks Beth, this is going to be a great resource for our ict_pd cluster school teachers in New Zealand this year - you have buttoned all the buttons in one post

Jaya Schillinger

bravo! That really was the definitive guide I needed, but didn't expend to find. Thanks for sharing so generously!

Jaya Schillinger

Back again with a question, Beth:

If I want to burn CD-Roms with PowerPoint screencasts, do you think I should fork over the $ for Camtasia?

Also, after clicking on a zillion links, it also seems that the best quality online screencasts are YOURS hosted on stream servers.

The ability to burn good quality CD-Roms is key. I think I can actually sell some of those. But I'm hanging on that $300 price-point for Camtasia. Yikes. Is it worth it?

Learning by Screencast

Thank you for the great post about making and sharing screencasts.


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Melanie Dunn

I used to make quite a few screencasts: mainly demos to go on my blog. Tried a load but eventually settled for BB FlashBack Express mainly because of the file sizes. It does Flash and AVI exporting and the flash files are streamed when you post them online. Quite easy to use also.

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