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David Wilcox

Hi Beth - I just got an xacti HD1 ... but have found one problem. The focus hunts when doing a video head shot, so people go in and out of focus. May just be a matter of settings. Let's compare notes

John Humphries

Thanks for that post. I've got to get a grip on using video so your experiments are really useful to me.

Beth Kanter

Hi John,

Do you know David? He's in UK too?

Anyway, blog what you learn ... I just wish I wasn't having a bad hair day ..

Elliot Margolies

If it's appropriate to mention an event here, I think you'll be interested in our upcoming "Videoblogging" event to be held Wednesday, April 18, 7:30 PM at the Midpeninsula Community Media Center, 900 San Antonio Rd, Palo Alto 94303. There's an $8 admission and students are free. The main presenter is Videoblogger Extraordinaire, recent NYC transplant, Jay Dedman.

Also, regarding the comment above mine, cameras that use auto-focus will go out of focus if somebody who is talking gesticulates with their hand. The auto focus will temporarily try to focus on their hand and then when it goes offscreen will focus again on the face. Same thing happens if somebody walks by either in front or behind the speaker. Best solution is to use manual focus and set it for the speaker's face, then forget about it.

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