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John  Powers

I'm sure you know that your blog is very valuable, or else you wouldn't expend so much effort on it. But I think it's very hard to know how all the readers find it valuable.

Over the weekend I hosted my nephew who works for a library in special collections and has a fairly new PhD. Web 2.0 is new to him, but the many resources seem useful for his job and academic pursuits.

I showed him your blog. I wanted to show him your posts on wikitation, but found searching your blog rather inefficient. Part of the problem is that Wikipedia, which he knows, isn't really a good example of what a wiki is good for. He doesn't know about SlideShare and the 1000 and 1 resources you've discussed over time. Diving into you blog archive for just one thing didn't seem to show him how useful your blog would be for him.

Your wiki list of blogs excited me because it seemed like a great way to show him why your blog would be useful. The list is informative, that it's on a wiki is informative, that you have many links to more of your stuff is informative, but mostly it's important that all of these connect to you and your work so he can discover more.

Something that sets your work apart from others is you don't assume everyone is as far along the Web 2.0 path as you are. What's more you model being a pattern-seeker/pattern-maker. Open content and open thinking allows readers to find meaning in your work that you might not have anticipated or intended.



Thanks for the feedback. I really need to get rid the search .. and do some housecleaning around here. I can't find things!


What several of us have emailed is that if BETH has a list of blogs, we all want to know who's on it.

And you know that Benjamin Franklin said that he was sorry, in his old age, that he had never mastered the virtue of ORDER. In his youth, his memory was good enough so that he didn't really need to, but as he aged, he began to feel the want of order. There's also a funny joke in his Autobiography about loving one's flawed self...

John  Powers

I can think of many more worthwhile ways for Beth to spend her time than doing house cleaning on this blog.

Search works just fine. The problem was me trying to introduce what blogs are and wikis and the idea of wikitation all at once to my nephew.

Beth's Blog is a "must read" and I'm not the only one who thinks so. Just today I saw a comment on a new blog where the blogger is trying to champion African charities. A comment left told the blogger to read Beth's Blog!


Shoot, by the time I logged in I forgot what I was going to say.

But I do love your blog!

John  Powers

The blog where I saw the suggestion to check your blog out is Africa's Hope and the blogger is Mary Marete.


I really like your suggestion about building your blog list because that's how I built mine. More to the point, I'm 57 and am appalled (and just a little concerned) at my short-term memory loss. What bothers me the most is that I feel I've been left behind by a lot of the new tech developments because I just don't move quickly enough to keep up with them. I still use my cell phone simply to talk on, and I am utterly dazed by all the lingo. I only understand a portion of the language in some of your posts.

Oh, well... such is life.

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