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Nancy White

I'm wondering if there are some layers to the community technology steward. Riders, it seem, come from the OUTSIDE of the community. The sorts of Community Tech stewards I have been riffing on come mostly from within, or have an ongoing connection, not a one time drop in.

I think there is a substantial difference, but not from a "label" perspective. Instead from a relationship perspective that informs the role. Does that make any sense?


This technology steward wants to buy the book but can't find it anywhere.


Some of the riders have ongoing relationships with the groups they are
working with. But, true, they aren't a staff person at an organization and
aren't there 24/7. The riders are a shared resource to a bunch of
organizations -- and visit them on a rotating circuit.

There are differences between the steward in a community and organizational
context as you've pointed out before -- relationship is one difference.
Also, a community tech steward might be more of a peer - versus expert. So
the power dynamics may be different?



Maybe the publisher will send us a review copy?

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