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Amy Gahran

Hey Beth -- great tutorial! And that's what I think of these educational experiences as: video tutorials. Yeah, I was never crazy about "screencast," either.

I hear ya about the amount of time it takes to edit and produce a video, especially if you're trying hard to be educational but not boring. Right now I'm wrestling with a similar problem, and I hope to pick up some tricks from you.

The fact is, creating a good educational video takes *a lot* of thought. If you just rattle it off the top of your head, it probably won't be effective.

That said, I've found it helps to record all my video first, complete with zoom & pans and callouts. I write the final version of my script while I'm creating the video. Then I record my audio from. When I bring it all together, I add the title clips.

It's still a pain in the ass, but that process seems to work well for me. Would love to learn from more experienced folks, though.

- Amy Gahran



I've got to go watch your screencasts ... Our production processes are fairly similar ...
I do:
1. Research
2. Rough Script - bullet points
3. Storyboard - plot out the screen captures or visuals
4. Build the video - adding in titles and recording the video as I go
5. Record narration -- I practice once, record once - if I'm lucky not to mispronounce a work or screw my syntex
6. Then go back add zooms as needed.

It still takes a lot of time.

I've also experimented with one-shot- very short ones to explain a technique -- sort of micro screencasts.


As always, Beth, good stuff. Thanks for doing this service for the rest of us. :-)


Wow, Beth, this is about the best treatment of social bookmarking for newbies, and a stellar example of both presenting an interesting screncast and providing supplementary materials.

And great use of dogs as supporting actors ;-)

Unlike y'all, I like the word "screencast". It's not video, it's something different.


Beth, I've been slaving over a social-web-101 wiki for my main client, and I gotta say I'd be lost without you. Thanks for another great, plain-english tutorial.

Tom McCallion

Hi Beth,

Great screencast on knowledge sharing. While I have visited many times, I have yet to create an account there. After watching your screencast, I plan to set up an account this weekend.

- tom

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