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Oh I could have imported stuff from my Mac Address book, but really questioned if I *wanted* to do that.

My gripes are that most other social software web apps I've been using that allow creating "frields", "contacts", etc, are all a one-click operation - e.g. in flickr, twitter, etc, you initiate a contact without this fuss of back and forth email... in these apps, email offers the intended recipient an opt-out.

It just seems simpler, and calls for less time spent in email to make contacts.

I do see the value you and others have shared, and ont doubt what linkedin offers.

Andy Roberts

I don't think some of the points made by the contacts concealer are valid because

1) The names of contacts are not listed down the side of a public profile.

2) The number of contacts is shown anyway.

Perhaps they were thinking of a completely different social networking site?

I suggest that perhaps the real reason is because some people seek to increase the importance of their personal node by taking advantage of other people's networks whilst forcing everybody else to have to go through them.


Good catch! It was interesting, it was the only person who responded to my question that gave some reasons on why one should conceal their network of contacts! And, they are ill-informed!

The other point too - is that when you do show your contacts - other people can't email contacts directly unless they are a first connection. If they are 2 or 3 or beyond connection, they have to go through you!


My contact network is open. So are my contacts' networks so far.

I think there are a few possibilities regarding the rationale of those who choose to close their contact networks:

  • Newbies: They could be very new to social media and proceeding cautiously.

  • Privacy: They could be afraid that others would judge them (rightly or not) based on the kinds of contacts they have on their network.

  • Protectionism: They could be afraid that others would take advantage of their networks.

Your contact is supposed to be so smart. Still, one never really knows.

btw, I've also written an article on this question of whether to open up or not. It's not on LinkedIn though, rather on our general attitudes towards opening up content/code/research for closer contact and/or collaboration.

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