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Catherine Carey

Hi Beth,

Interesting thoughts here:

"The problem with seeing how it was used is that there wasn't necessarily enough data about how people were tagging -- as in there was not enough sites that multiple people tagged"

Now I'm wondering about who does tagging and who uss it. I have to admit I don't use it much because I get results with few tags and think, "This isn't much better than a search. "

Who uses tags? What for? When?

I found the last sentence of that paragraph more interesting:

"Also, is not easy to get a large amount of data out of."

I'm guessing you mean besides taging results. Can you elaborate a bit? I'm still pushing people to create their own "newspapers" - RSS. But I see some value in tagging, IF it gets me some vetted websites.

Hope you're having fun with kids and family on school break.


Marnie Webb


RE: the last sentence -- you can't get info out of by tag -- it needs to be by user or by URL -- so that it's hard to do data analysis on what's in there. We did have volunteers that did some screenscaping so that we could get at the data.

Re: the not enough users tagged something. We just often saw that a significant number of people (more than 10 say) did not put enough tags on a single URL to really say anything all that meaningful about it.

Haven't looked at the data that way in a while so that might not be true anymore.


Those are the notes. The conversation ended up going a much more interesting (I thought) direction when we started sharing strategies for group tagging. More on that soon.

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