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Marc Sirkin

Thanks for posting this video - listening to these types of conversations is slightly funny at this point. It sort of reminds me of when we debated why everyone/anyone needed a computer in the first place. Or even more recently, Reality TV.

User generated content is here, we all have to figure out how to integrate it as part of the strategy or risk being irrelevant.

The old media/new media conversation is growing old real fast for me - what's becoming apparent is that those in old/big media who do get it are going to create a ton of incredible new opportunities for themselves.

Andy Carvin

Hi Marc,

The new/old media conversation is definitely old for those of us who've been participating in these conversations for a long time. The purpose of the meeting was to expose NPR executives and staff - many of whom have never heard of Technorati or have never tried YouTube - and get the momentum going for bringing more social media tools to NPR's programming. So yeah, a lot of what was said has been said before, but the key thing was that a lot of public radio folks got to hear it for the first time - and they're definitely taking notice.



While the content might be getting old, I think the being transparent as an institution and sharing that conversation with us - the blogosphere - is an example of great modeling.

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