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Creative review. There was an article on this book in newsweek (so I think) which our sr. dir for outreach passed on to me several months ago. Anyhow, forgot about it until now. Thanks for the reminder and his reaction was pretty similar to your husbands.

We're going through a branding and website redesign now, so relevant stuff (so I'm told twice!). Thanks.

Mike Sansone

Maybe the title should have been "Made to Share":-)

Carol Kirshner

Thanks for the tip. I won Nedra's little contest and got my copy two days ago. I agree-- quite a compelling read. However, the duct tape on the cover grabed my husband's attention and you know how guys get when they see the "pretty and shiny" stuff. Right now, I'm heading off to hide it in the pile of disease management and psychiatry books I have waiting on me--- just in case.

Steve Sherlock

I'll second Mike's idea on made to share... that has to be a better thing for a book (to keep getting picked up and taken) than any review could do for it. Good luck on eventually getting a copy to read yourself.

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